Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Palo Alto PPPoE with vlan tag, it's stupid setup but it's working !!

Palo Alto is not allow L3 subinterface with PPPoE, but certain ISP require to perform PPPoE with VLAN tagging

at 2018, update from reaper

So I come out this setup. Yes, it is stupid but it work !

Basically, ethernet1/3 setup as Layer 3 with PPPoE

Select interface as Layer 3, virtual router and security zone

Go to IPV4 tab, check PPPoE then configure as request

ethernet 1/4
Create VLAN profile , security zone I left it blank and interface type as L2

Ethernet 1/5, edit select ethernet1/5 at bottom create sub-interface

subinterface configure as TAG (VLAN ID), as Malaysia ISP unifi is using VLAN ID 500, at VLAN must select the previous create VLAN profile at ethernet1/4

p/s by missing VLAN profile at ethernet1/4 and ethernet1/5.500 the packet unable unable reach to modem (laptop as my testing environment)


My laptop receive PPPoE discovery broadcast packet with VLAN ID 500 tagged

Although is stupid setup but it work, LOL

alternative setup if with extra switch with VLAN feature

Summary, well Palo Alto is very common implementation via L3 sub-interface PPPoE, okay !