Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finance Management - Part 1

Let talk about the “Finance Management”

I’m not guru/sifu at finance just started and trying to “share” the way I “think” is effective.

So do you have the problem as below

Problem saving some green?

Reading book trying to dig out some information but fail, except guiding you to invest this and that?

If YES, I might able to help you by click here. Jk jk XD

I’m going to share the way that I “think” is effective.

This tutorial is not guide to divide your salary into 30% for saving, 10% for investment bla bla bla bla….. Which totally bullshit for me.

I’m going to share the way is to rectify finance and changing the way of spending habit, money come after.

  1. Excel document / A Google account
  2. A wallet / purse

  3. A coins purse

  4. 2 x zipped plastic bag / plastic bag

  5. A calculator

To be continue tomorrow...

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