Monday, November 21, 2016

Windows 7 administrator

if you wish to reset password, you may skip this topic.

if you wish to gain *Ahem*  local administrator role for c**p*** laptop/pc *Ahem*

*Ahem* bypass G** and doing without 3th party software

yup you come to right place.

1 x same windows version CD/USB bootup image
1 x working CD room/ USB port

Follow the steps as below link until reset password

p/s if you unable to locate the windows/system32 directory, it might store at other drive, please try d,e,f,g drive and etc.

hit the shift key 5 times till pop out the command prompt.

1. Type net user

2. You will get a list of user

3. type net user <username> , example net user Administrator

4. Scroll till end, it will list local group memberships as per below

5. type net localgroup <local group membership> <username> /add , example net localgroup Administrator limvuihan /add (local group membership is key sensitive)

6. verify the username you had modify, type net user <username>, if success add should listed as below

Then recover back the file that overwrite as per link listed earlier or below

So, you has the administrator role.


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